Wheat Straw Coffe Cup

SKU: 6972572541271

4.500 JD
Product Name: Wheat Straw Coffee Cup (400 mL/Khaki)
Material: Polypropylene, Environmental Friendly Straw
Specification: 8.8 cm X15 cm
Quality Grade: Qualified Product
400 ML
Product Features:
Made of wheat straw material that is safe to health; double wall design makes the
cup well-insulated; there is a small mouth for convenient drinking and a vent hole
in the lid; portable design makes it easy to carry with.
1. Drink carefully when loading hot drinks to avoid scalding.
2. Do not use metal scrubbing tools to clean the product to prevent its surface from
being scratched.
3. Confirm the coffee cup can be sealed well before loading hot drinks.
4. Keep away from fire to avoid deformation.
5. Children should use the product under the guidance of parents

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