SKU: 6975528760375

14.500 JD
Product Name: Tempered Glass Body weight Scale

Specifications: 31.6x 26.1x 3.2cm Load-bearing: 3-150kg

Product Features: High-definition LCD digital screen; portable design.

Material: Tempered Glass+HIPS

How to Use:
1. Open the paper box and take out the scale.
2. remove the PE bag.
Open the battery cover at the back of the scale and put in the batteries.
3. Put the scale on the flat hard ground and stand on the scale after auto power-off.
4. Weigh 2-3 times continuously and the last figure is your weight.
5. Finish weighing.

1. Be careful during use to avoid slipping.
2.Place it on the flat hard ground to use. (Do not place it on the carpet or soft product for measurement so as not to affect accuracy.)
3. Remove the protective film before use. Follow the instruction to set it and stand on it with naked feet
.4. The product is precise instrument. Please don't jump or tread on it too hard and handle with care.
5. The product is for domestic use. Please don't use it for business.
6. Please take out the battery when not in use for a long time.

Storage: Avoid moisture and store it in a dry place.

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