Lemon Fruit Vitamin C Makeup Removal Wipes

SKU: 6970738992226

4 JD
This product is rich in lemon vitamin C essence and carotene for the skin Repair and nourish.
Gently remove makeup, do not damage the skin, easy to absorb, The skin surface to form a
moistening protective film, not dry, not tight. Make makeup removal more complete and easier.
Ingredients: cotton nonwoven fabric, RO pure water, vegetable oil makeup remover essence,
fruit vitamin C essence, carotene, glycerin, aloe vera extract.
Usage: take out the wet towel, fold it into a moderate size, and gently wipe it along the skin
texture to clean and remove the makeup. The eyes and lips can be gently applied for 15-20
seconds before wiping for better effect.
Note: this product is only for external use, avoid applying to wounds and other sensitive areas.

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