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4 JD

Cable Length: 2m
Net Weight: 43g
Material: TPE + Nylon Braid + Tinned Copper
Quality Inspection: Qualified
Specification: Maximum Operating Current: 2.1A Rated
Voltage: DC 5V
Product Features:
1.The inner conductor is made of 0.06mm and 0.08mm ultra thin plating copper oxide. More durable for use.
2. Up to 65 core wires in the cable guarantees high charging efficiency.
3. Wrapped by an aluminum foil with shield braid.
Protects inner signal transmission from external disturbance.
4. Made of high strength nylon. Tangle free and non-heating after working for a long time. More eco-friendly than plastic.
5.Made with tight plug and exquisite craft.
6. Convenient for you to use with the length of 2m.

Caution :Keep away from fire and liquids. Keep out of reach of children.
Storage: Store in cool/dry place.

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