SKU: 6971710953709

3.500 JD
Material: Faux Fur, Rubber
Specification: 22 cmX15 cm
Quality Grade: Qualified Product
Product Features: Faux fur surface feels soft and comfortable. High quality rubber lining slows down
the heat dissipation effectively and keeps warm for a long time.
How to Use:
1. The water temperature shall not exceed 80°C.
2. Do not overfill. Two-thirds filling is appropriate
3. Make sure the top is firmly closed and that there is no leakage before using.
1. Do not squeeze or crush.2. Not for infants or people who are not sensitive to heat.3. Not for people
who cannot take care of themselves in case of any injury caused by the inappropriate operation.
4. Avoid contact with hard objects.5. The faux fur surface is not removable and washable.

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