Hanging Moisture Absorber

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2.500 JD

Product Name: Hanging Moisture Absorber Fit/3-Pack/Yellow)|

Specification: 210 g×3 PCS
Dimension: 21.7x28.5 cm
Ingredients: Calcium Chloridn
Quality Grade: Qualified Product

Product Features:
1 Consist of imported permeable paper and transparent storage bag to strongly absorb moisture; hygroscopic capacity is up to 500 ml, showing a y sible effect
2 Hanging design makes it convenient to store in the wardrobe (recommended to keep distance of 3-5 cm
om the clothes), effectively dehumidifying and preventing mildew in the wardrobe.
Quickly disorbs moisture to effectively keep the room dry; a necessity for home use.
How to Use:
Open the packing bag,
2. Take out the hanger for installation.
3. Hang the product in somewhere needed
4. Replace immediately when the white granules absorb enough moisture and completely become liquid.
1. Do not tear the packing bag away before use to prevent the product being damp.
2. Check if there exists any damage before use. If any, do not use it.
3. After opening, it is normal if there are few granules, crystals or
powder in the storage bag.
4. During use, do not rub or squeeze the product to avoid damaging the package
(Do not place on top of valuables such as leather products or silk fabrics).
5. Inedible. Keep out of the reach of
children to avoid accidental swallowing,
6. Granules of Calcium Chloride included, avoid direct contact with
eyes or skin. If contacted by accident, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice immediately.
7. The liquid produced is alkaline. Do not use it for watering flowers or other purposes.

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