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Product care

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No eed to drill holes; waterproof ad easy to hold mops, brooms, toilet brushes, etc. Large load-bearig capacity; easy to take away.

1. Thoroughly clea ad dry the cotact surface; if eeded, use alcohol to clea dirty glass or ceramic surface ad dry it before stickig.
2. After removig the outer film, stick the traceless sheet o the target positio ad pull out the holder from the slot, from left to right.
3. Use your had to exhaust the air from the middle outward to make the traceless sheet completely firm.
4. Alig the holder with the slot ad istall it from right to left; hag articles oly after 24 hours of istallatio.

smooth hard surfaces without bumps, such as
woode surfaces. mere suraces, stailess steel surfaces, plastic surfaces, ceramic surfaces, glass surtaces, erc

Earth wall, wallpaper, wet surfaces, ageig surfaces, ueve surfaces, rough surfaces, porous surfaces, etc.

1. Do ot use the product ear gas stoves, stoves or other high-temperature places.
2. Do ot hold valuables such as atiques or fragile items. Do ot overload.
3. If the cotact surface is wet, oily, dirty, or wax-coated, wipe it off with alcohol ad let it dry before stickig (especially there are geerally oil stais o the files ad glass i the kitche);
4. Whe the temperature is lower tha 10C, use a hair dryer to slightly heat the surface before stickig.
5. Avoid exposig the product to direct sulight; stop use if its material chages abormally or it
6. Do ot stick the holder over seats, the bed or valuables, so as to prevet it from fallig off due
to improper use ad avoid dager.
7. It is recommeded to stick the holder o the correct positio at a stroke; do ot paste it repeatedly. Leave the product o the wall for at least 24 hours before use for better effect.
8. Whe stickig, please press the holder agaist the surface firmly for a while for better result.